€35k Buy To Renovate Italian House in Soriano nel Cimino; 1 Hour From Rome

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Buy to renovate this €35k  Italian house set in its own olive grove in Italy.

This agricultural structure in Soriano nel Cimino is about an hour from Rome with phenomenal views over the hills & countryside.

Do you want to live the dream of creating your own olive grove tour & production business? Buy to renovate this rustic structure set on no less than 9300 m² of Olive & Chestnut trees! Chestnut trees you say? If you’ve ever been to Italy in the cold months, you’ll see Chestnut vendors on every street corner, and Chestnuts are a serious, cultural staple in Italian cuisine since the dawn of time.  Chestnut production in Italy is experiencing a revival following the influx of low quality Chinese imports and pest issues and is a great opportunity for you to set up a premium export network to the UK and USA. As a culturally important food staple throughout Italy, you can cash in on this trade regrowth with the established trees in your very own orchard.

The unfinished structure of 50m² gives you the absolute freedom to buy to renovate, design and complete a simply lovely home, pretty much from the ground up. It’s already got the huge doors and window spaces with incredible views; it’s got a solid roof, so turn  the empty space into your dream home overlooking your own olive groves. You’ll need to complete the water & sewage services, but the bones of a good, solid investment with income are right here, waiting for you.

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