€38k Rustic Stone House for Sale in Italy, Cairo Montenotte, 1 Hour to Genoa

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€38k for this character, rustic stone house for sale in Italy.

It’s rustic, it’s rough and it’s ready for your renovations and restoration, at a great price. It’s a cheap property in Italy, and this could be your perfect vacation home!

This one is very rough, but look beyond the clutter & tattered curtains, & see the huge very cool arches, the tall windows, the thick stone walls, the gated garden area. It’s listed as 80m² with 4 rooms.

It needs total renovation from the ground up to the rafters needing plumbing, electrics, structural works and everything else, but what a diamond in the rough! A large gated garden, plenty of private parking and very cool rustic architectural elements are the bare bones here, and your hard work and elbow grease can turn this into a sparkling gem.

Cairo Montenotte about an hour to Genoa, 2 hours to Nice Airport, 2 hours to Milan, and nestled in a charming valley, that, unlike some at this price, is not in an isolated mountain town.  Its rich history can be traced back to the neolithic period with occupation from the 9th century, and is an ancient and important historic route connecting Rome to the rest of Europe.

Savona’s rich cuisine is well worth noting here, as a blend of seafood and land-based produce. Relying on aromatic herbs, vegetables and excellent local olive oil and famous for its wines including Vermentino, Pigato, Rossese, Asti, Gavi, Barbera and Barolo, there are many small, family owned wineries to visit for the classic Italian Wine tasting tours. Rich in agriculture and food, there is the gorgeous Vessalico pink garlic and honey from Val Roja, prized for its blend of aromas. The area is also famous for its Taggiasca olives, a key ingredient in local dishes and the region is well-known for its apricots, artichokes, zucchinis, mushrooms, chestnuts and lovely violet asparagus from Albenga. We can talk truffles too,  as this village is just 30 minutes from the ‘town of Truffles’,  Millesimo, the very heart and soul of all things truffles which celebrates its gastronomical status every September with a lovely festival.

So you’ve got a little stone castle to restore in the midst of all the best Italian wines and food you could want, what are you waiting for?

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#ig_Italy #total_Italy, IT #super_Italy #Italy_dreams #Italy_dream #Italydreaming, Cheap property Italy, Property Under 50000 Italy

#ig_Italy #total_Italy, IT #super_Italy #Italy_dreams #Italy_dream #Italydreaming, Cheap property Italy, Property Under 50000 Italy#ig_Italy #total_Italy, IT #super_Italy #Italy_dreams #Italy_dream #Italydreaming, Cheap property Italy, Property Under 50000 Italy

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