€40k Italian House for Sale, Mondiardino, Liguria – You get to finish the restoration!

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Mondiardino is just an hour to Genoa; this 180m² Italian house is for sale in this amazing location!

Renovations are started, it’s up to you to complete it! On its own 1000m² of gardens & set in a small hamlet with other stone buildings including an amazing stone mill, the views are amazing. On top of that, Liguria beaches are just an hour away and you’re deep in the land of Italy wine tours, an hour away from the Italian Riviera, Alba Truffles, Taggiasca olives, Pesto Sauce & Vermentino wine, what more do you need?

Could this be your Italian Dream come true? Definitely!

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This gorgeous little hamlet is experiencing its own renaissance with the other buildings also being renovated and improved. The house has 1000m² of cultivatable land and hillside. But make no mistake, this is a totally raw project; you’ve got a roof and gorgeous stone walls, but there’s probably dirt floors and a lot of structural work to re-do, but those huge window spaces will capture the gorgeous valley & mountain views!

This is a blank slate with the bare bones to work with, and it’ll take a pile of money and a lot of sweat lot to turn this into an amazing, stunning architectural gem in this lovely valley set on a river. The windows are what I love the most on this one. It’s over different elevations to take advantage of and you can really create a dream home with this property. And, as you look through the pictures on the agency website, you’ll see you’ve got your own bridge!

Just an hour or so to the Liguria Beaches & the Italian Riviera, and pretty much 3 hours to everywhere else, including Venice, Florence & Nice Airport, it’s a very interesting location. Liguria is famous for so many important things, from its magnificent Italian wines and Italy wine tours, to the Taggiasca Olives & oil, the incredible Pesto Sauce, to the legendary Alba Italy Truffles, and is touristic without the maddening crowds. This region is famous for its Vermentino winea light-skinned wine grape variety responsible for the Pigato types of white wine, so send your visitors off to some of the many wine tours in the area!

The area is popular with the sporty recreation crowd, allowing you to cater to the lodgings trade if you wish to rent out the house to holiday makers. There’s an aquatic park, hiking & trekking —  Is shopping considered a sport? Yes, of course it is, it’s just 45 minutes to the McArthur Glen Serravalle Designer Outlet;  there are important Roman ruins nearby, legendary, incredible & memorable gastronomy, and it’s convenient to Turin, Milan and Genoa.

This gem has potential. Location, location, location…. it’s got seasons, nice weather, plenty of rain, the mountains without the fierceness; skiing in the morning and beaches in the afternoon. And the food. And the wine… What more can you ask for?

Italy wine tours, Liguria beaches, Alba Truffles, Taggiasca olives, Pesto Sauce, Vermentino wine

Italy wine tours, Liguria beaches, Alba Truffles, Taggiasca olives, Pesto Sauce, Vermentino wine

Italy wine tours, Liguria beaches, Alba Truffles, Taggiasca olives, Pesto Sauce, Vermentino wine

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