About Us/Me/We/Moi

Renovating. Design. Build. Buy. Create. Sell. Dream. Imagine. House. Property. Home. France, Italy.

All of my favorite things. Restoration, painting, carpentry, electrics, plumbing, gardens, stone walls, stone paths, fireplaces, kitchens, bathrooms, landscaping, masonry, waterworks, fountains, lighting, horticulture. I do these works with my own hands and with the help of skilled, trusted tradespeople. I especially love discretely adapting new, modern technology into these wonderful ancient properties.

Successfully buying & selling my own properties in Los Angeles,  I built up a +150% profits track record, usually turning over properties within a couple years. I was not a flipper; my renovations breathe real life back into property, with sympathetic & practical restoration designed for the long term.

My favorite part is renovating wrecks and turning them into treasures on a realistic budget. With a great eye for economy, efficiency, practicality, technical & code aspects, details, and understanding the psychology of real estate sales (yes, it’s a thing) I always sold my properties off to literally the first buyers that walked in the doors.


I then moved to Europe and do this here, mostly in France, for others. I’ve bought, sold, managed & renovated properties for clients in France, Italy & Belgium; in Paris, Normandy to Brussells, to St. Tropez & Mougins. The best thing a client can ever say to me is ‘It’s JUST what I wanted. That’s gratification for a job well done.

One of my best assets is shopping. Now, I don’t need to own everything I see, at all. I live frugally & economically, but I do live well. I decide what I want, define the parameters & budget, then I go hunting. It doesn’t matter if it’s my grocery list or a multi-million dollar apartment in the 8eme of Paris for a HNW client, or the furnishings & technical needs of a low end budget home, house or property. My ‘window shopping’ skills lead me down many rabbit holes on the internet, which is where we are now.

One day a friend said to me Why not turn your love of property hunting into a modestly profitable website where (you) can share the budget treasures (you) find with others who are hunting for the same things?” Yeah, I paraphrased that, but in essence, it’s what she said. “You should build a website” is what she really said.

So here we are. I spend some time every day curating the coolest properties, houses and ruins I can find in Italy & France for up to €50k.  These are the ones that I feel are worth investing in, renovating and restoring. I’m pretty good at this sort of thing.

Full disclosure: I use affiliate marketing tools, adwords, Google Adsense, keywords and ad campaigns to finance the website, and you get to benefit from the treasures I find. (hey, I get .25c every time you click on an ad link, I’m not ashamed!) I get no commission from linking to the real estate adverts I find, I just send you there to make up your own mind.

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